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When traveling outside Manitoba, remember that Manitoba Health excludes some of their coverage even if you are traveling within Canada. We work with several travel insurance companies so we can compare coverage and costs in order to offer you the most competitive policy.

Not all cottage policies are created equal. A ‘Basic Seasonal’ policy will usually cover: fire and lightning, explosion, smoke, falling object, impact by aircraft or land vehicle, riot, certain water damage losses, windstorm or hail, and electricity. ‘Broad’ cabin insurance will include all these perils plus vandalism or malicious acts, burglary, robbery and damage caused by bears. ‘Comprehensive Seasonal Homeowners’ policies add theft, attempted theft, glass breakage, transportation, collapse or partial collapse of the building.

Most boat policies contain language that allows underwriters to deny any damage resulting from wear and tear, corrosion, rust, etc. Unique to specialty markets, is coverage for basic marine perils (fire, sinking, collisions, etc.) that other policies DO NOT INSURE leaving you without coverage should a thru hull corrode, or vermin chew the exhaust valves and cause the boat to sink. Wouldn’t it be nice to have insurance against emergency towing, retrieval of the wreckage, rental expense?

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